Who We Are

Our History

The Human Development Foundation of North America, Canada was launched by a group of visionary Pakistani Canadians in 2008
This group of transformational leaders have deep roots in Pakistan and are passionate about human development and poverty eradication. Eleven years later, their quest for positive social change remains at the forefront, and HDF works tirelessly to relieve human suffering.
From this small beginning, HDF with branches in the United States & Pakistan has grown to a staff of nearly 700 providing programming in all four provinces of Pakistan. Thanks to you, we reach over 1.5 million with holistic programming that helps create lasting change.

Our Mission

To Facilitate a Non-Political Movement for Positive Social Change and Community Empowerment through Mass Literacy, Enhanced Quality of Education, Universal Primary Healthcare and Grassroots Economic Development.

Our Vision

To Become a Center of Excellence Known for Progressive and Transformational Human Development Programs

We carry out our mission with the following core values...
Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, Efficiency, and Fiscal Responsibility.