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Plot C-76, Sector 31/5, Opposite Darussalam Society, Korangi Crossing, Karachi, Sindh Pakistan

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The Indus College of Nursing and Midwifery is attached to the The Indus Hospital Karachi which is a 400 bed hospital with all specialities and is the prime site for training of student nurses for their courses.

The Indus Health Network (IHN) is creating a lasting impact on the local communities where it is operating. IHN’s efforts are changing the health indicators of the society at large and one such example is utilization of midwives for safe birth and reduction of maternal and neonatal mortality rates in Bhong, District Rahim Yar Khan.

Al-Ghazi Trust Hospital’s Midwifery School has graduated over 100 women through its two-year residency program. These graduates go on to providing services in villages and small towns of Rajanpur and Rahim Yar Khan while most of them work at the Al-Ghazi Trust Hospital. Last year, IHN’s Global Health Directorate launched nine public health programs at Al-Ghazi Trust Campus, which included a Midwifery-led Labor Room program. The program was meant to cater to the primary healthcare needs of the catchment area.

Every 60 minutes, three women die in Pakistan due to pregnancy and childbirth-related complications.1  Bhong and adjoining areas have no different fate because they lack quality birthing services. Majority of the deliveries were either conducted at home by traditional birth attendants or at public maternity homes where women are treated poorly and give birth in unsterile and unsafe environment.

The midwife-run labor room is run by a team of five midwives from the area. They provide antenatal care and ultrasound services to women throughout their pregnancy and run the labor room 24/7 followed by post-delivery check-ups, new born care, and lactation support. All babies born at the facility are also provided with a new born starter kit by a partnering organization which consists of new born clothes and essentials for new mother and baby. Women who need to be referred to higher level facilities during pregnancy or labor are sent through Hospital’s ambulance to the 1.5 hours away District Headquarter hospital, Bhong.

Since February 2019, the midwifery program has conducted more than 2,000 antenatal appointments and above 100 safe deliveries. The midwives have transformed the entire maternal health landscape of Bhong and surrounding villages by following the midwifery model of care and are providing quality maternal and new born health services.


This project will attend critical need in a rapidly expanding health services in a developing country like Pakistan by adding and providing education and proper training to especially female would be nurses to attend to the growing need of non for profit charitable hospitals and other health facilities in pakistan. It will greatly benefit a large segment of population living in poverty and lack of financial resources.

A project to financially support bright, young female students from socio-economically constrained sector of the society to achieve quality education and Nurse training to be able to pursue a career in Nursing that is much in demand will help develop the workforce and the sector they belong to.


Pakistan is the 6th most populous country of the world having a population of 204.6 million people. According to the data from the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report 2017-2018, the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) shows Pakistan's weak performance being ranked 129th of the 137 countries, on Health and Education. Pakistan has been categorized as one of the 57 countries that are facing Human Resource crisis, below the threshold defined by WHO to deliver the essential health interventions required reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015. Shortage of Nurses is acute in the country and this is a crucial element in health care delivery for any country. According to the figure cited by the Journal of Pioneering Medical Sciences 2015, the existing nurse-patient ratio in Pakistan is approximately 1:50 whereas the ratio prescribed by the Pakistan Nursing Council is 1:10 in general areas and 2:3 in specialized areas. Skilled Health care provider is the pillar of health care services and play a vital role in mitigating disease burden of society. In order to provide quality health care services to our community, especially without incurring financial hardship to a common man, need of hour is to produce health workforce with adequate knowledge and skills that can effectively deliver a wide range of promotive , preventive, curative, rehabilitative, and palliative services to all people. This, amongst others, requires sound health workforce planning, quality transformative education systems for health professionals, innovative strategies of service delivery and regulation.

In such a background it is important to support Institutions which are producing health workers to fulfil the resource gap. Indus college of Nursing & Midwifery is one of prestigious nursing institutes of Pakistan, that from its inception till to date, has produced thousands of qualified registered nurse and registered midwives , and Indus alumni is providing their services both at national and international level. People at Indus believes that health care and health care education is the right of every individual, whether one has the ability to pay or not. Devoted to facilitating those members of society who do not have the prerequisites of becoming the earning member, the aim is to train, nurture and equip those less privileged students with necessary education and skills so that they can emerge as an asset to the society and also become responsible member of community.

Education and training of these nurses is from the poor, resource constraint communities. By actively joining the workforce, specially which is much in need, these members of community are not only changing their own lives but also act as role models for others to be gainfully employed. In return they become part of a respected human resource group which is in most demand nationally and internationally. 

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